Feldenkrais for Choir/Orchestra

A large ensemble is more than just the sum of all its members, and this too can be tuned like an instrument. Of course, this depends on the technical and musical abilities of the individual musicians, but also on their perceptive skills and feeling for the body of sound as a whole, its movements, and its connection with the conductor.
When used with choirs and orchestras, the Feldenkrais Method can evoke in individual musicians a better perception of themselves as constituent parts and interactive players, as well as better reactions. Thus an increased level of flexibility and movement as one body is achieved, leading to a more unified, harmonious sound.
“Once the ability to differentiate is improved, the details of the self or the surroundings can be better sensed; we become aware of what we are doing and not what we think we are doing.” (Moshé Feldenkrais)