Feldenkrais – What I Offer

Functional body awareness training tailored to the needs of instrumentalists and singers

  • Analysis of posture and movement with instrument/while singing
  • Performance Coaching
  • Improved bodily awareness and heightened consciousness of the way you stand, sit, lie and move
  • Treatment of acute pain and its causes
  • Exercises to find equilibrium and school awareness, in order to constantly re-adjust and re-“tune” the body, and to relieve tension while playing/singing through capitalising on the connections within our movement apparatus
  • Special group concepts for instrumentalists, singers, orchestras, choirs, masterclasses, workshops and seminars


  • Experience posture as a dynamic balance
  • Relax and relieve inhibitive tension through using the connections within the movement apparatus
  • Expand your scope of movement
  • Improve your breathing, coordination and flexibility while singing/with your instrument
  • Work on individual postural/movement problems (e.g. misaligned vertebrae, slipped discs, overuse syndrome, etc.) in one-to-one sessions
  • Prevention and/or rehabilitation of postural defects